Monday, 23 February 2009

Hand cut screen prints.

Inital ideas for a logo for our current brief i'm working on with Ratsalmon.

so as the title suggests, hand cut screen prints.

Definace, Ohio! CD inlay

I designed this CD inlay sometime last year, or perhaps even the year before.
And since i had to make a website i've only just got around to photographing this.
It's mainly been made of cut up magazines, Horse weekly or something equally as exciting, as it fitted in with the band, they sing rad country-folk-punk music. it's rather beautiful.
And other bits were a mix of stock photo's, hand drawn cowboys, photoshop, illustrator.
exciting right?



So I finally finished my website, although due to me being a massive retard, i took back the book i bought on Dreamweaver and now i have no idea how to upload it onto the internetz.

anyway here are some screen shots and that: