Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hip City Cats

Just finished a poster for my brothers new night he's running; Hip City Cats

and a small Icon thingy for Twitter

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas is coming

I'd like to say this is my first piece of Christmas work at work, but it isn't. It feels like its christmas because of all the Christmassy work i've had to do!

This is my favourite thus far..

Its November already?

a day after my placement at Musto finished, I started at my first real job as a junior designer/artworker at Encompass and i'm lucky enough to say i'm still here, its been nearly 4 months!

I've worked on such an array of work in the last few months, from car livery, brochures, CGI's, posters, flyers, banners, exhibition signage, business cards, stationary, the list goes on!

Some stills of a showroom I made in 3D, not too terrible for my first bash..

It's been a while..

..since i've last blogged, since last time I have completed a placement here
Which was really really insightful, learnt a lot of a small time (well two months) I worked on various bits from swing tags, keyrings, wobblers, 6ft event banners, flyers etc..

I also figured that uni didn't really prepare me for the world of work too well, what was the point in giving us briefs that lasted two/three months? in the real world you have to get it all done within a couple of days at the most, I mean, don't get me wrong having to work to really tight deadlines does make you produce awesome work within a small period but I thought the point of going to university was to prepare you for the real world... how wrong I was.

Musto - Oppie Flyer

Musto spreads for Derby House Magazine

Musto Wobblers for instore