Friday, 18 April 2014

An update.

So it's been a whole year (and a little bit more since i've posted on my blog) i've been a busy bee and managed to score a new job at Boden, as a Junior online designer, i've now been here for a year.

I've worked on a wide range of creative marketing for the brand. From creating product stories and concepts for online features and rich-media content, designing seasonal brand inserts and online lookbooks, creating digital assets for promotions, social, affiliate banners, email marketing campaigns and the day to day site maintenance, (homepage and department pages updates).

More recently our two teams (online and print) have merged into one, so i've also been tackling more print based work again, recently i've been working on a 16pp catalogue replacement piece which aims to drive sales and traffic back to

But heres a feature I designed (and drew all the little animations) that i'm super proud of, it also got a small bit of attention in the media which is quite cool.

You can view it live here:

And read about it here on the Daily Mail or the Telegraph